Us, Together series, 2017. Digital photographs, installation options flexible and space-dependent.


(Statement at end).



It’s not about sports.


It’s about how we relate to each other.

It’s about how limits can enable specific kinds of intimacy and closeness. 


True friendship and authenticity are not always about being our purest, nakedest selves together. We all have our own barriers around us, and how we knock together at our mutually-accepted boundaries is its own kind of closeness.


Only barriers let you collide so hard your bodies are imprinted upon each other. That’s intimacy. Your selves and their shells, your selves nonetheless.


Friends talked recently about physicality and friendship. The joy and love we can create through roughhousing - every tussle another proof that it will take more than this to make us abandon each other.


This piece isn’t about physical conflict and friendship, although limits can help us access that.  


Uniforms, too, are limits. The way that they mask us highlights individuality. Uniforms permit us to look at each other. And, what shines even through a mask certainly rings true.


This series is about how limits, boundaries, and barriers let us be us, together.



These images have not yet been exhibited.